Hollows – Shapeshifter / Hot Sand

Hollows – Shapeshifter / Hot Sand

Label: Soft Power Records

2 song 7″ limited to 300 copies. Vinyl comes with download codes.

1. Shapeshifter
2. Hot Sand

Born from a Craigslist ad that included the phrases “60s, funeral, girl group, Shangri-Las,”  the Chicago band is making good on the promise of all of those seeds… The tough talking swagger of NYC’s Shangri-Las is a key component of their sound. Dara Puspita, the law-breaking girl group from Indonesia who turned conservative Jakarta on its head when they first appeared in the mid-’60s, is another antecedent. But Hollows specializes in an upbeat, lighthearted approach to that girl group sound.

Hollows take many of the elements established by the Ronettes and their contemporaries and combining those with a punk-informed aesthetic. The biting lyrics and lo-fi recordings insure a bracing, contemporary edge to compliment the syrupy melodies and the swells of la-la-las, the perfect soundtrack for cutting up Pixie Stix with a switchblade.” –


Price: SGD $14

Local (SG)

Hollows – Shapeshifter

Hollows – Bobby Blueheart

Lazy Lorelei / Onward Chariots Split EP

Lazy Lorelei / Onward Chariots Split EP
Release Date: 2011
Label: Dufflecoat Records

1. Lazy Lorelei – Pop Song
2. Lazy Lorelei – Y
3. Onward Chariots – I Found Me
4. Onward Chariots – Seven Miles

Price: SGD $8.00

Local (SG)

This is the third instalment of Dufflecoat Records‘ global artists split EPs, featuring bands Lazy Lorelei from Meycauayan City, the Philippines and Onward Chariots of Brooklyn, New York.

Lazy Lorelei: Soundclick (preview the tracks here) | Myspace
Onward Chariots: Myspace (preview the tracks here)| Facebook

Lazy Lorelei – Pop Song

Onward Chariots – I Found Me

Patty Duke Fanzine #6: Love To Patty

Various Artistes – Patty Duke Fanzine #6: Love To Patty

Release Date: 2006
Label: Top Quality Rock & Roll

Patty’s Theme (Rockin’) - The Chubbies
Don’t Just Stand There - Gore Gore Girls
Why Don’t They Understand? - The Sweethearts
Everything But Love - The Falldowns
World Without Love - Mummy The Peepshow
Say Something Funny - The Hissyfits
Save Your Heart For Me - The W-Vibe
The End of The World - Windy & Carl
The World Is Watching Us - Steward
All Through The Day - Asobi Seksu
Whenever She Holds You - Gaze
Little Things Mean A Lot - The Come Ons
One Kiss Away - Slumber Party
I Love How You Love Me - Rose Melberg
Sure Gonna Miss Him - Buck
All I Have To Do Is Dream - Bidston Moss
Nothing But You - Karling Abbeygate
Come Live With Me - Mark Robinson
Give A Little More - Christine Back
I’ll Plant My Own Tree - Genders
My Own Little Place - Panicsville
Half Hearted Kisses - Stereo Total
A Million Things To Do - Jessica Bailiff
Forever Yours - Kanda
Learn To Live With Your Heartbreaks - Saturday Looks Good To Me
Funny Little Butterflies - Tourister
A Girl Is A Girl - The Beautys
Lonely Little In Between - Melody Licious
And We Were Strangers - V/VM
Blowin’ In The Wind - Frankie & The S.E.M.M.
I Ain’t Blamin’ You - Boyracer
Housewifes Lament - Hyperbubble
It’s Time To Move On - The Cutters
Dona Dona - This Spells Disaster
I Want Your Love - The World Provider
No My Love No (The Cruel War) - Betty Marie Barnes
Shine For Me - His Name Is Alive
Colours - The Ettes
Seven Day Wonder - The Icicles
Tell Me Momma - International House Of Karen
When Love Has Gone - Jen Turrell
Happy Guy - Candypants
Dear David - Delta Waves
The Bear Came Over The Mountain - Electrocute
Don’t Just Stand There - Kevin Blechdom
World Without Love - Planetakis
Little Things Mean A Lot - Tiny Microphone
Sure Gonna Miss Him - The Starlette Canvas
Give A Little More - Super Maxi
My Own Little Place - Danny & The Damage Done
(Funny) Little Butterflies - Nicky Click
Lonely Little Inbetweenie (Radio Edit) - Scream Club
And We Were Strangers - Third Grade Teacher
Seven Day Wonder - Gito Gito Hustler
Patty’s Theme (Swingin’) - The Chubbies

 Price: SGD $30.00

Local (SG)

I’m a huge fan of cover songs, especially covers of 60s songs performed by contemporary artistes, so I’m seriously thrilled to have this cd for sale in my little distro. Cover songs + girl vocals, can anything be sweeter? There’s a whole range of genres showcased, from twee pop to garage rock and roll, to folk and electro. Interspersed throughout the 2 cds are sound clips from the Patty Duke tv show archives. Comes with a lovely booklet that includes photos and information about all musicians featured, plus a Patty Duke fanzine sticker!

Asobi Seksu – All Through The Day

The Hissyfits – Say Something Funny

The Camerawalls – Bread and Circuses

The Camerawalls – Bread and Circuses

Release Date: 2010

Label: Lilystars Records


1 A Gentle Persuasion
2 My Life’s Arithmetic Means
3 Longevity
4 Birthday Wishes
5 Bread and Circuses

Price: SGD $18.00

Local (SG)

After more than two years, The Camerawalls now offers another proper release, this time via an EP entitled “Bread And Circuses”. Far from being an offshoot of their previous album, the new record will take you to a more intimate and adventurous sound arena.


The Camerawalls – A Gentle Persuasion

The Gentle Isolation – It Started With An April Shower



The Gentle Isolation – It Started With An April Shower

Release Date: 2010

Label: Lilystars Records


1 Faraway
2 Let’s Go Slow
3 Is It Possible To See You Again
4 Define Love
5 I’ll Pocket You A Rainbow

Price: SGD 18.00

Local (SG)

A shining mix of jangly guitars, defined hooks and addicting pop melodies, this debut EP from Bulacan-based quartet has created a benchmark for a twee-pop classic!


The Gentle Isolation – I’ll Pocket You A Rainbow

Rachel Believes In Me – Rachel Believes In Me


Rachel Believes In Me – Rachel Believes In Me
Release Date: 2010
Label: POCH Records

1. Waiting
2. DD Sister Doesn’t Watch TV
3. Possibility (我‧我)
4. Koya (You’re My Monster)
5. Rachel Needs A Break
6. Six O’clock
7. Love Song
8. Movie Movie Move
9. Old Songs
Bonus Tracks:
10. Eat More (Dark Chocolate Mix)
11. Old Songs (Mint Chocolate Mix)
12. Eat More (original)

Price: SGD $20.00

Local (SG)

Rachel Believes in Me consists of Rachel and PorPor Channel (from Hong Kong indie band 22Cats). They call themselves a “dark folk” band, but there’s nothing negative/depressing about the stripped down acoustic setting and Rachel’s lilting voice. In fact, it’s really quite pretty!

Website | Myspace

Rachel Believes In Me – Movie Movie Movie

Rachel Believes In Me – Old Songs

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